"Jesus' Birth Foretold "
December 6th
"Joseph the Dreamer"
September 27th
"The 10th Plague"
November 1st
Jan. 17, 2021
"Noah's Ark"

September 13th

"God's Laws"
November 8th
"Plagues of Egypt"
October 25th
"Brave New Leader"
November 22nd
"Baby in a Basket
October 11th
"A Big Mistake"
January 3, 2021
"Joseph & His Brothers"
October 4th
​"Jacob, Giving & Forgiving"
September 20th
"Birth of Jesus"
December 20th

Sunday School

A New Five-Minute Bible Story for Kids each Sunday

"Preparing for the Savior "
November 29th
"The Promised Land"
November 15th
"Burning Bush"
October 18th
"John is Born"
December 13th
"The Creation"

September 6th

Jan. 24, 2021